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solar mounting system

SFS-FR-03C SunRack Flat Roof Tripod ballast Mounting System 2017-04-24 16:46:03|admin

SunRack Flat Roof Tripod Ballast mounting System Technology adopts the triangle structure, with a simple and dignified appearance, exquisite and stable structure, on-site installation without welding. And it is with high reliability to meet the structural carrying capacity features and combined with practical, optimize the use of materials.

Sun Rack SFS-FR-03C ballast mounting structures are best adopted with tilt angle 5-30 degree,panel in portrait.It is quite easy to mount for tripods,all components are pre-installed in factory,only one piece M8*65 bolt is required to be fixed to finish the tripods installation.

No cutting,no welding,even no special tools are in demand for installation.This simple design can help save a lot installation time and labor cost.Foldable design really help cut down the cost for transportation.

 SunRack Flat Roof Tripod ballast Mounting System

Ballast Roof Bracket Specification

Installation Site: open ground and flat roof

Panels: Solar panel for any size

Structural materials: aluminum, stainless steel

Survival wind speed: up to 60m / s

Design snow pressure: up to 1.4KN / m2

Inclination: customizable

Component direction: vertical

Design Standards: CE&AS / NZS 1170

Life: Design Life for 25 years, quality




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