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SunRack Ground


SunRack Ground

Solar Grounding system 2017-12-07 17:41:53|admin
Sunforson grounding system is including grounding clip,earth lug group,bonding jumper. It is used as ground conductor to connect solar modules to aluminum rail, to realize the excellent electric conductivity.

  • SFS-GC2-02    Grounding clip
When the solar panel is generating the power energy, it will release some static electricity at the same time.If it is not conducted to the ground, it will destroy the solar panel cell and influence its lifespan. The grounding clip has the teeth up and down. So it can destroy the rail's anodized surface to make the static electricity in the panel go to the rail and then use the earth lug at the side of each rail to conduct it to the ground.
  • SFS-ELG2-01   Earth lug group
  • SFS-BJG2-01   Grounding bonding jumper group
Installation Guide for Grounding System

1.SFS-GC-02(grounding clip)

Grounding Clip Application on the Mid Clamp Group

2.SFS-ELG-01(Earth Lug Group)


The earth lug group fixed on the one end of each pv array


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