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SunRack Ground

Waved Ground Mounting System

Waved Ground Mounting System
*Brand: SunRack
*ItemNO: SFS-GM-05B
*Product Origin: China
*Shipping Port: Xiamen
*Lead Time: 2
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Product Details

Waved Ground Mounting System

Sunforson SFS-GM-05B is suitable for waved ground solar installation. Adjustable ground screw foundation can help adjust the height of panel. It is very economical with hot galvanizing steel structure.

  ground mounting bracketsInstallation Site: Ground

   Installation Angle:up to 60 degree

   Ground clearance: customized

   Wind Speed: Up to 60 m/s

   Snow Load:1.4KN/㎡

   PV module: Framed or thin film

   Applicable Orientation: Landscape or portrait

   Code Appliance: AS/NZS1170&Int'l Standards

   Material:  Aluminum  and hot galvanizing steel 

Overview of system components

solar racking





A Full Commitment To Quality

Top material, quality craftsmanship and easy installation design, supported by senior engineers with comprehensive and in-depth mounting industry experience and garanteed with a 10-year limited parts warranty

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