SunRack G4S Floating Solar Mounting System

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The pontoon and its supporting legs are processed by a blow molding to reduce the overall weight, improve assembly efficiency, and reduce costs. It is made of high-density modified polyethylene and other materials. It has good weather resistance and shock resistance. It can resist UV, antifreeze, chemical seawater oil stains, etc. It has good chemical stability and excellent weather resistance. Its lifespan is supposed to be over 25 years.

SunRack G4S Floating Solar Mounting System uses scientific testing method to repeat fatigue, aging, buoyancy strength and wind tunnel test with various materials and process molding products to ensure that the products

to meet industry and customer standards and guarantee the product stability and durability.

  • Specification:
     material: HDPE
    applicable module: solar panels with 60 cells and 72 cells mostly
    used in the market

    installation site: on water
    module orientation: landscape or portrait
    tilt angle: 15°
    min. water depth: 0.5m
    wind load:<60m/s average buoyancy: 127kg/m²
    lifespan:>25 years

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