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100kw Thin-film solar panel system finished in Nana Square Thailand 2017-11-15

100kw Thin-film solar panel system finished in Nana Square Thailand


Last month, Sunforson finished another solar mounting project in Thailand. It is a 100kw thin-film solar panel system, on the building roof in Nana Square of Bangkok that is well known.


This project adopts high quality aluminum L feet to connect rail, then use Sunforson thin-film mid and end clamps to fix the frameless solar panels . Sunforson thin film module clamps with anodized extruded aluminum 6005-T5 materials, A2-70 bolt, EPDM rubber and stainless steel fastener.


This clamp is widely suitable for 4mm-10.5mm dual glass solar modules; Sunforson cut them into three different lengths: 80mm/ 120mm/ 200mm.Also provides customized service with different clamp length and clamp colors, most popular color is silver and anodized black.

However,  if a large quantity is demanded, they also could customize the length according to requirements.


For this project, with small panels and low wind load, Sunforson choose 80mm length clamps, which work well and come with lower cost for clients. This thin-film solar system is completely the beautiful scenery on roof of Nana Square. If you also want to own this scenery, just feel free to contact Sunforson with email: info@sunforson.com, they as a professional  solar mounting solution expert, Will make you satisfied absolutely.

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