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Chile customer visit Sunforson Power in April 2017-05-04

customer visit

It is our pleasure to meet our Cheli customers , Carlos and Jerome, in Xiamen Airport last week. Welcome they come to visit Sunforson Power, the main theme for this travel in Sunforson Power is to know more about SunRack Solar Mounting Structure, and to promote mutual understanding and friendship. With hope that two companies will have more good cooperation in the future.  


solar energy


During the talking between two companys directors, we find that Carlos and Jerome are optimistic and interesting person, they are good for chatting and are interested in Chinese Characters.


They said this is their first visit of Xiamen City, but it is not the first visit in China, as their schedule is very tight, so they have only one days stay in Ximan, even thought it is a little pity, but they said they will visit China next time, it maybe after half years, lets give our best wishes for them, welcome Carlos and Jerome can travel to China next trip . 

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