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China Energy Bureau shows attitude: PV subsidies remain unchanged for 20 years 2018-08-08

According to theCaijingreporter, in early July, the National Energy Administration held two closed-door symposiums to re-determine the idea of the quota system and the combination with the green card system. The current idea of reducing stock subsidies has been overturned. At the meeting, the Energy Bureau's business leadership is clear, keeping the intensity of new energy subsidies unchanged, and introducing a green card trading system.


The Energy Bureau also requested that the number of hours of security utilization in the previously designated northwestern power-restricted areas be strictly enforced by local governments to ensure that state subsidies within the utilization hours are unchanged for 20 years, and that the basic electricity prices outside the hours of use are guaranteed to encourage marketization. In the transaction, the subsidy intensity will remain unchanged for 20 years. New energy operators can first obtain the proceeds by selling the green certificate. The difference between the income and the original subsidy is supplemented by the renewable energy fund.


On the one hand, this approach eases the pressure on the new energy subsidy gap. On the other hand, the faster return of the green card income can also alleviate the cash flow pressure caused by the subsidy arrears, and the Energy Bureau also emphasizes that the central and eastern regions are not limited. The electricity area will not have the minimum guaranteed utilization hours, and the new energy power will be fully acquired, and the subsidy intensity will remain unchanged for 20 years.


Worried about the PV power plant subsidy can not continue to make up for 20 years of friends, this can be assured!

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