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Dubai new strategy: mandatory usage of solar roof system in 2030 2015-12-03

       Dubai launched a progressive renewable energy strategy, including the term that mandatory usage of solar roof system until 2030.


       From the strategy, Dubai planed to increase the national renewable energy use rate to 7% in 2020, 25% in 2030 and 75% in 2050.The planned use rate highly increasing the development of Dubai’s renewable energy.


       The solar energy zone was expanded from 1GW to 3GW, and estimated to 5GW in 2030. The 800MW bidding project is under way. The total investment amount for this electrical station is almost 1,360 millions dollars from Dubai DEWA.


       Dubai Green Zone, a free trade zone, will be built to encourage the clean technology company to move there.


      Cooperated with IRENA and R&D institute, Dubai built the training schedule and set up a Clean Technology Innovative center, which help to increasing the employment rate for Dubai.

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