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Solar Ground Mounting Project in Africa Successfully Complete 2016-09-04

solar ground pole mounting system

On September 2,2016, a good news arrived at Sunforson Power company, the solar energy solar ground pole mounting system project in Africa successfully complete.

This is not the first project finished in Africa , but the stability of the project in Africa give Sunforson Power more confidence to develop Africa market.

To develop African markets overflows with challenge and chance, but we will pay more attention on the chance. Most developing countries in Africa, and most of the economy are based on agriculture, the electrification there develop slowly,  power demand still most come from hydroelectric power become the main way.  In some countries, such as Kenya, began to intensify investment in renewable energy, hoping to decrease and replace the consumption of non-renewable resources. Sunforson, as a new energy enterprise of solar power system solar mount brackets, will constantly develop the market in Africa area.

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