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Sunforson gets flat roof solar project from United Nation 2013-01-26

At the beginning of 2013 new year,Sunforson has successfully supplied flat roof solar
mounting system for United Nations’ solar power project in Lebanon.

Relying on sunrack’s excellence in creative design ability, reliable product quality
certified by CE and NZS/1170 , and consulting for every detail for the project and
technical support,Sunforson gained Lebanon United Nation’s customer a high degree
of recognition, thus successfully obtain its flat roof solar power project and provide
fast, secure sunrack adjustable mounting system.

This customized design enable the solar panel adjustable angle from 0 degree to 40
degree to achieve the most power available from the sun and meet customer’s design

By full devoted to serve customer with their needs, SunRack brand (quick, safe as the
core concept ) gain more and more international influence world wide.
This project specific parameters as follows:

PVarray : 1*4panels
Size of panel: 1580X8080X35mm
Install Angle: 0-40degree
The project is scheduled to install in March 2013, in Lebanon .


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