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SunRack Adjustable Solar Mounting Frames

SunRack Adjustable Solar Mounting Frames
*Brand: SunRack
*ItemNO: SFS-AM-01
*Payment: L/C T/T
*Product Origin: Fujian,China
*Color: Natural or Customized
*Shipping Port: Xiamen
*Lead Time: 20
*Order(MOQ): 1
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Using SunRack , Enjoying Sunshine!


Using SunRack not only help you determine the best racking solution for solar power project,but also ensure you win the highest investment return and the most efficient of Enjoying Sunshine.


1. Lower cost, Incomparable value ;

2. Faster installation, Flexible attachment ;

3. More Perfect Service, Complete technical support ;

4.10 years limited warranty , 20 years design life .


SFS-AM-02 SunRack Adjustable Solar Mounting System


Sunforson Adjustable Angle PV Mounting adopt the sliding block structure, with a simple and dignified appearance, exquisite and stable structure, without welding on-site installation and high reliability, to meet the structural load capacity features combined with practical and optimized use of materials. It can be adjusted accordingly in different seasons for maximum power generation.

Installation Site:Open ground and roof
Applicable Roof Cladding:Suitable for most types of cladding
Roof Slop:Up to 60o
Max. Building Height:Up to 65ft(20m)
Wind Load:130mph(60m/s)
Snow Load:30psf(1.4kN/m2)
Applicable Module:Framed
Module Orientation: Landscape or portrait
Code Compliance:AS/NZS 1170;
Material:Aluminum, stainless steel
Warranty: 10 years on material




 Overview of system components






1. Quick installation, saving schedule
 with the professional design, Sunforson PV system composed by a small number of assembly (assembly of parts in advance), no on-site drilling or welding, can be quickly assembled on site, unique pieces of card guide and installation design, improve the installation efficiency, saving schedule.


2.  Professional design, lower costs
 Product were design by experienced designers, to meet the AS / NZS 1170 , with mature process maturity, stable structure, systematic design to save cost for the customers.

3.  Load design, Safety Guarantee
 Sunforson adjustable angle PV bracket system design, have high load capacity, applications take full account of dynamic load and static load characteristics. Such as: component weight, combine factors of wind, snow and earthquake load, to ensure the long-term performance of the product.
4.  Preservative Treatment, increase service life
 Sunforson adjustable angle PV bracket system provides Hot Dip Galvanised Q235, aluminum oxide and stainless steel components, which is easy for maintenance; the product can meet the general outdoor service life of 25 years PV module requirements.


5.  High reliability, 10-year quality Assurance
 Design life for 25 years, quality assurance for 5 years, to provide customers with highly reliable quality assurance.




A Full Commitment To Quality

Top material, quality craftsmanship and easy installation design, supported by senior engineers with comprehensive and in-depth mounting industry experience and garanteed with a 10-year limited parts warranty

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