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The World Off-grid Solar Energy Capacity Has Got Triple Increase from 2008 to 2018 2018-08-02

Globally, from under 2 GW in 2008 to over 6.5 GW in the beginning of 2018, the off-grid solar energy capacity has witnessed a spectacular three-fold increase. Africa and Asia made a great contributation to the huge increase.

Lacking of inexpensive, reliable ennergy delivery is one of the biggest stumbling block for Africa's development. But for this warm land, it never lack of sunshine. Because the cost of  solar technology is falling fast, as well as the support of ttheir local government, the total solar energy capasity of Africa increased from 231MW in 2008, to 1.2GW in 2018.

Even though Africa has emerged as a dynamic, fast-moving hub, the accumulate solar energy capasity of Asia is much more than Africa. It is increased from 1.3GW in 2008 to 4.3GM in the beginning of 2018. The share of solar energy almost triple, from 11% in 2008 to 30% in the beginning of 2018.

Off-grid solar system has being used to provide a wide range of services, including household electrification, and industrial, commercial and public use.

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