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Tin Roof Mounting System 2018-03-01

SunRack tin roof mounting series have delveoped theeasiest ,fastest ,most universal and cost -effective roof bracket for PV panel metal roof mounting installation .There are several important caveats in the design of color steel tile roofing station:

1, Clear the form of photovoltaic modules and laying way, clear roof of the original form of the building.2, Clear the structure of the original structure and the main structure of the force component accounting.

3.According to the roofing form of the original building, the structure, the layout of the PV array, the form of the PV module itself, the result of the structure calculation and the possible construction measures and so on, a variety of feasible arrangements of the supports are given, Optimal arrangement.

4, roofing photovoltaic project has its construction particularity, considering the site construction conditions, select the appropriate construction technology, and given the construction of precautions, construction of protective agent safety construction measures.

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