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Solar photovoltaic power generation 2018-03-08

Solar photovoltaic power generation

       Power generation system mainly for photovoltaic power generation. In general, solar power refers to solar photovoltaic power generation, referred to as "photovoltaic." Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses the photovoltaic effect of a semiconductor interface to directly convert light energy into electricity. The key component of this technology is the solar cell. After the series of solar cells to carry out encapsulation protection can form a large area of solar modules, together with the power controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device.

       Important work before the project construction is to deepen the building, such as the specific layout of the phalanx, bracket installation program, components and inverter selection, wiring and cabling programs, inverter and AC distribution box where the installation, anti- Lightning grounding, etc. The layout of the square and the stent installation program is a key detail, on the civil system, stent installation and installation of the invention of great flexibility.

     We all know that the maximum solar wind turbine 216km / h, the maximum solar wind turbine support winds up to 150km / h (equivalent to a typhoon level 13), a new type of solar module represented by a solar single-axis tracking bracket and a solar dual-axis tracking bracket Bracket system.

     Households typically use cement piers that have been poured into the PV workplace as counterweight, usually square solid cement piers. Some companies ignore the national standard, direct use of expansion bolts to fix the bracket on the roof, this not only destroyed the roof waterproof layer, the long time after a long time expansion bolts should also be loose cracking. However, some companies use hollow concrete blocks with unacceptable weight. A lot of news that a certain solar photovoltaic panels have been scratched, falling to form a certain economic losses, this situation is generally the case, so that the bracket and the weight on the placement of solar photovoltaic panels is very important.

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