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Sunrack ballast flat roof solar mounting system is very popular in the UAE market 2018-03-22

Sunrack SFS-FR-02 ballast flat roof solar mounting system adopts foldable triangular to save cost both on installation and transportation. It is a type of solar panel mounting structure that can be expanded from one panel to any scale to maximize the use of the rooftop.


This kind of solar mounting structure is becoming more and more popular in the middle east market. In Jan. 2018, one of our customer bought 300Kwp from us, and now it has already finished the installation. To our great honour that the customer is very satisfied with our mounting structure quality to say it very strong and secure. So they plan to place us the new order soon which installation site is in Egypt!


So if you also need this kind of product, please kindly feel free to contact us via: info@sunforson.com.

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