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  • SunRack Pitched Roof Mount
    Sunforson provides various of pitched roof mounting  solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our solar mounting structures are widely used on tile roof, metal roof, asbestos roof and asphalt roof, etc. We provided suitable roof brackets and professional mounting solutions according to different roof types.
  • SunRack Flat Roof Mount
    SunRack Flat roof solar mounting series are widely applied in residential, commercial and utility solar systems. With unique design and pre-assembly accessories, SunRack flat roof solar mountings will save a lot of time on installation and save a lot of space on transportation. It can not only used on flat roof, but also apply to ground solar system installation.
  • SunRack Ground Mount
    SunRack solar ground mounting systems currently offers four different types: concrete based, ground screw, pile, single pole mounting brackets, which can be installed on almost any kind of ground and soil. SunRack solar ground mounting designs allow big spans between two structure leg group, so that it will maximum the use of the aluminum ground structure and make a most cost-effective solution for each project.
  • SunRack Carport Mount
    Sunforson customized solar carport mounting system is the most versatile solar carport solutions in the market offering several different designed structure options for both single and double rows of parking. they are suitable for both framed and thin film modules in any size.
  • SunRack Wall Mount
    SunRack wall solar mount is an economical mounting type for solar panel installation without rail support. It can be easily installed on the wall with any customized angle. For wall facade solar mounting system, we develop different mounting series to meet different demands.The panel will be fixed on the wall tightly, which can withstand high wind speed. With the mountings installed back of panels, it looks very concise and pretty.
  • SunRack Component
    Sunforson provides different kinds of rails, clamps, roof hooks, cable clips, earth lug groups and ground bonding jumpers to meet different demands.
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Sunforson Companies:


 Sunforson with headquarter in China, branch companies in Thailand and Vietnam, is a leading solar mounting product supplier, specialized in developing and manufacturing SunRack brand solar mounting system including SunRack Roof, SunRack Ground ,Sunrack Wall Mount,SunRack Carport,etc.



In order to provide fast installation and secure solar mountings, Sunforson has released a series of top level PV mounting systems to the market. Sunforson not only provides top quality and innovative products but also provides timely delivery, top grade services and comprehensive solutions for our valued customers.



Sunforson's technical experts and consultants have rich experience in engineering, manufacturing and international building standards which can ensure great quality and convenient usage. With our high quality products and product innovation, Sunforson's products are welcomed by nstallers,

distributors and agents around the world.



Sunforson provides a series of mounting systems, covering all fields from residence, commerce to public utilities. To meet our customer's special requirements, our strong engineering team also provides customized solutions.



Sunforson takes customer's satisfaction as our priority and takes "keeping innovation" as our mission, which ensure Sunforson provides the most advanced and reliable products for PV industry. 

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Goal: Top solar energy company in the world.

solar rack
Mission: make balance for environmental protection and energy saving for the humanity.

Company spirits: service and Creativity.

Business principle: serve the society, people foremost.

Product image: Technical innovation, good quality.

Staff image: be passional and professional 

AS/NZS 1170 solar pitched roof mount system
AS/NZS 1170 solar tile roof mount system SR03 rail
AS/NZS 1170 solar tile roof mount system SR02 rail
AS/NZS 1170 solar flush mount system SR03
AS/NZS 1170 solar flush mount system SR02
CE for ground solar mounting system
CE for carport solar mounting system
CE for pitched roof solar mounting system
CE for flat roof solar mounting system
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Renewable solar energy, reliable Sunforson.
SunRack solar walkway system
Sunforson’s walkway system is a good solution in case of sediment,ice,snow,grease,oil and detergent in wet or other risks under the conditions of channels and operational areas for walking.Solar walkw...
Sunforson Unveils Innovative Solar Mounting System During Dragon Boat Festival
Xiamen, June 5, 2024 – In a vibrant celebration of tradition and innovation, Sunforson, a leading name in solar energy solutions, introduced its latest solar mounting system during the Dragon Boat Fes...
The introduce of roof mounting systems
There are many people want to install solar panels on their rooftop.How to choose a suitable roof mounting systems for their own house?    As a rule of thumb, when considering the design of ...
Photovoltaic flat roof bracket selection
The selection of photovoltaic flat roof brackets needs to consider a variety of factors, including the material of the roof, the needs and budget of the photovoltaic system, etc. Here are some suggest...
Adjustable slope solar ground pile mount
Adjustable slope solar ground pile mount Based on customer project needs, Sunforson has developed a new solar ground mount that can be installed on slopes, product model SFS-GM-04. On the basis of the...
Precautions for installing RV and yacht brackets
Installing RV and yacht brackets requires careful planning and execution to ensure safety and functionality. Here are some precautions to consider: Manufacturer Guidelines: Always follow the manufactu...
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30+ photovoltaic power stations enter government buildings
30+ photovoltaic power stations enter government buildings On July 1, the distributed photovoltaic power generation in Lianyungang City Administrative Center was officially connected to the grid. Acco...
Growth in European Solar Power Drives More Hours of Negative Electricity Prices in Sweden
From January to May 2024, Sweden experienced 668 hours of negative electricity prices, compared to a total of 310 hours last year. The number of hours with negative electricity prices doubled year-on-...
The Philippine President Launches the Country's Largest Photovoltaic Irrigation System
A recent report in the Philippine media detailed significant advancements in the country's agricultural sector. According to the report, Philippine President Marcos personally inaugurated a remarkable...
Renewable Energy in the Middle East to Surpass Fossil Fuels by 2040
According to a recent study by Rystad Energy, renewable energy generation in the Middle East is expected to surpass fossil fuel-based power by 2040. The region's installed capacity for renewable energ...
Solar and wind generation will soon pass nuclear, hydro
In a new monthly column for pv magazine, the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) explains how solar and wind are dominating power plant construction. ISES pv magazine column in April showed...
Solar mounting brackets are subject to US anti-dumping investigation, with a maximum tax rate of 376.85%
According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Department of Commerce recently announced the preliminary determination of the anti-dumping investigation of aluminum profiles, identifying 14 countries in...
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Thank you for your professional mounting solution. With your detail drawing and outstanding service, the project went out smoothly, and now the solar station is functioning perfectly. It’s nice to do business with you. I will come back to you next time.

Gary D. Peters

You guys did a really excellent work, you always consider the details for me and even my clients. Cooperating with you guys makes me happy.

Michael Bedard

The brackets are very sturdy! After suffered several typhoons, they still standing right there; and thanks for the solid support, the whole system didn’t get any damage. I am really grateful.

Mike A. Martin

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