PV panel structure snow load:

Snow load value: Fsnow    (KN)

basic snow pressure: S    (KN/㎡)  

Snow area:A    (㎡)

Fsnow = S x A    (KN)

Snow is a unit of area of the heavy snow, the unit kN/m2. When meteorological stations have 

snow  records, should be directly using snow pressure calculation of the snow  pressure;When there is no snow records, can indirectly by snow depth, the formula of snow

S = hρg (KN/㎡)

h -- snow depth, the vertical depth from the snow surface to the ground ( m );

ρ ---snow density ( t/m3 );

g ---acceleration of gravity, 9.8m/s2.

There is variation greatly change snow density with snow depth, snow cover duration and the 

local geographical and climatic conditions and other factors, The station without snow record 

can be calculated according to the average snow, snow density areas.

Solar Roof Bracket Sketch Map:

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