Australia's rooftop PV market doubles employment, Queensland's employment growth is the largest 2019-04-28
According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2017-18, with the increase in employment of large-scale PV power generation projects, Australia's renewable energy full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs surged 28%, and the total number of jobs reached 17,740. It is the year with the highest employment rate of full-time employees of renewable energy activities since 2011-12.

Large-scale photovoltaic projects (with an installed capacity of 100 kW or more) surpass hydropower and become the second largest renewable energy employment creator, accounting for 16% of the full-time equivalent employment rate of renewable energy.

In 2017-18, the PV industry is booming, among which the large-scale PV industry and the rooftop PV industry are the fastest growing, accounting for 94% of the renewable energy employment growth. Employment in the large-scale PV industry doubled (210%) in 2017-18.

However, the rooftop photovoltaic industry is still the main driver of employment in the industry, with an employment rate of 46% in 2017-18.

In terms of regions, between 2016-17 and 2017-18, except for a slight decline in the two regions, the employment rate of full-time equivalent jobs in the renewable energy industry increased, and the employment growth rate in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Most notably, it accounts for 72% of Australia's total renewable energy FTE employment.

Queensland's employment growth was the largest, with 1,550 FTE jobs, Victoria and New South Wales, and 1020 and 950 FTE jobs, respectively. In Queensland and Victoria, this growth was mainly driven by the construction of large-scale PV installations, while in New South Wales it was mainly driven by rooftop PV construction.

Jonathon Khoo, director of the ABS Data Statistics Center, said, “The drivers of rapid growth in the Australian renewable energy industry include cost reductions, increased interest in clean energy, and development of storage technologies.”

“Although the employment rate in the renewable energy industry has increased, there are still relatively few jobs for renewable energy compared to other forms of energy.”

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