one investment million profit solar photovoltaic system 2020-05-13

With the arrival of summer, the weather is getting hotter. The dogs in the community stick out their tongues; the asphalt road outside seems to be smoking white smoke; and even the candles at home have turned into a spread of oil. We also wish to stay into the refrigerator. The fan is no longer used, and we have to open the air conditioner while blowing the fan to be refreshing. However, the air-conditioning fan was cool for a while, and the electricity fee was scary at the end of the month. Refrigerators and air conditioners are very power-hungry. When you pay for electricity at the end of the month, you start to feel distressed.

However, fortunately, there is home solar photovoltaic system. Solar power generation not only solves the problem of electricity at home, so just use household appliances boldly.. It can also sell unused electricity to the government, there is an additional source of income. So installing a home solar system is really a good choice that a small investment brings a ten thousand-fold profit.

Some people may still have a lot of doubts about installing a home photovoltaic system, where to install it, how to install, what it looks like after installation, how much is the price ...

Don't worry; these problems can all be solved for you by Sunforson. Welcome to visit our website, or send an email to We will answer your questions at any time, and customize the aluminum solar mounting brackets according to requirements. Welcome to consult now.

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  • Concrete base solar ground mounted

    SunRack Concrete Based Ground Mounting

    SunRack concrete base solar mounting is a highly versatile ground mounted solutions that can be widely applied in commercial and utility solar panel installation

  • Solar Panel Installation Mounting

    Solar Ballast Mounting System

    SunRack ballast mounting system adopts foldable triangular to save cost both on installation and transportation. Non-penetration to rooftop.

  • carport mounting structure

    Solar Car Park Mounting System

    SunRack solar car parking solar rack mount can be designed as single row and double row two version. It adopts triangle supporting structure technology, which is very strong and secure.

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