Ballast solar mounting bracket 2019-02-01

The concrete flat roof ballast series bracket is one of the Sunforson roof brackets, and the ballast bracket system is a mounting system suitable for the ground or flat roof. The bracket itself and the ballasted cement block are fixed on the flat roof without destroying the original waterproof layer of the roof; the bracket system includes components such as an angle aluminum floor frame, an angle aluminum bottom support, an angle aluminum bracing, and an angle aluminum supports, pressure blocks, etc.; and the ballast-type photovoltaic bracket system is fastened by the standard 304 stainless steel screws, and the types of screws are 2~3, so the tools used during installation only need 2~ 3 kinds can be. In order to facilitate the installation and use of our customers, the components of our ballast-type bracket system are shipped to the customer before being shipped. The customer can install it directly after receiving the hand, without additional work, secondary processing.

 The bracket is quick and easy to install, reliable and firm. Suitable for roofing of any complex component arrangement. The preset cement block is placed into the set aluminum alloy solar mount ground frame to function as a ballasted photovoltaic support.

Ballast bracket features:

1. High-quality anti-corrosion ability: It adopts 6005-T5 Solar aluminum alloy components, which can have very high anti-corrosion ability in harsh environment, and the high strength of the material ensures the load-resisting capacity of the bracket;

2, the installation is quick and convenient: each set of brackets is a separate unit, which can be combined and deployed in any way;

3. Safety: There is no damage to the roof, so it will not cause the roof to leak. It can be loaded with building materials/precast cement blocks, etc. The overall weight of the bracket is very light and will not cause excessive load on the roof.  

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