How can photovoltaic power plant resist storm? 2020-01-08

In order to resist natural disasters, we need to control the location, design, installation and later operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations.

1、 Site selection: to ensure the quality of the building and consider the installation point elements comprehensively

In recent years, with the emergence of light materials, the risk of these building materials being blown away by the wind should also be considered in the design to prevent the roof from being torn by the air flow. At present, the household distributed photovoltaic power station is mainly installed on the inclined roof and flat roof. Flat roof also includes concrete flat roof, color steel plate flat roof, steel structure flat roof, ball joint roof, etc.

For the installation site of photovoltaic power station, the installation location, installation direction, installation angle, load requirements, arrangement and spacing shall be considered. From this point of view, the following three aspects should be pay attention to in the site selection of photovoltaic power plants: first, load bearing. To reach 38kg / m2; second, life span. The life of the roof is longer than the design life of photovoltaic. Third, there is no danger. Try to avoid air and water outlets.

2、 Design: improve the strength of components and design appropriate wind shield

From the perspective of power station design, while balancing the cost of photovoltaic power station and power generation income, the strength design requirements of solar panel support, module block, etc. can be moderately improved, and the module tilt angle with better wind resistance can be reasonably selected. In addition, the design of appropriate wind shields can also be considered. The wind deflector is fixed on the rear column of the support system, and there are a number of guide openings on the plate, which can guide the wind and reduce the wind pressure of the components. The stress of the beam of the support system is reduced, the pulling force of the foundation is reduced, and the structural safety factor of the photovoltaic power station is improved. However, as the stress of the rear column increases and the axial shear force of the foundation increases, it is necessary to check the stress of the foundation. In the design, the damage of PV power station caused by strong wind can be effectively reduced by fully considering the strength of PV bracket, module and building appropriate wind shield.

3、 Installation: select firm support and install scientifically and reasonably

The wind resistance of photovoltaic power station is mostly determined by the strength of photovoltaic support, which is generally made of aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel. Theoretically, the maximum wind resistance of photovoltaic support is 216KM / h, and the maximum wind resistance of tracking support is 150km / h (greater than grade 13 wind). But why is the support so-called to be able to resist the 13th grade typhoon "blown away" when encountering a strong wind less than the 13th grade wind?

As shown in the figure, the installation company may have installed three rows of photovoltaic modules on the flat roof in order to save section steel, and there is no beam connection between the front row and the back row. The fixed stone pier at the bottom of the bracket is too light, so it should be made into a rectangle to increase the weight of the stone pier. The above details have not been dealt with well. The typhoon is coming. It must fly to heaven! In addition: when installing, it is better to install fixing cable and apply antirust paint to extend the time of support against storm.

4、 Operation and maintenance: intelligent and efficient operation and maintenance to improve risk awareness

During the normal operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic power station, the roof power station shall regularly check the buildings to ensure the quality of the buildings on which the photovoltaic project depends. Check the strength of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic supports, and the structure of inverter room at any time, so as to prevent the situation getting worse.

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