How to install solar panels? 2015-11-24

When it comes to installing solar panels,the solar mounting system will be mentioned. But how to install them safely? Solar panel are made of high transmission rate and low iron tempered glass, anti-aging encapsulation material, and high climate resistant and insulation back sheet. They are reliable, virtually maintenance free power supply, designed to operate efficiently in sunlight. Solar panel nowadays are used widely in our daily life. For example,they can be used in roof solar mounting systems,roof PV solar systems and other electric generation application. Below listed are some aspects of the installation of solar panel.

Sunrack pitched roof solar mounting system

First of all,let us discuss the solar panel orientation of installations. Modules may be mounted at any angle from a vertical orientation to a horizontal one. The appropriate fixed tilt angle and azimuth orientation should be used in order to maximize the exposure to sunlight. Incorrect orientation of modules installation will result in loss of power output. Modules connected in series should be installed at same orientation and angle. Different orientation or angle may cause loss of power output due to difference of amount of sunlight exposed to the modules.

And then,the angel of the solar panel will be discussed. Excluded applications include, but are not limited to, installations where Solar Panel are likely to come in contact with any salt water or where likely to become partially or wholly submerged in fresh or salt water, examples of which include use on boats, docks and buoys. Don’t install modules in a location where it would be immersed in water or continually exposed to water from a sprinkler or fountain etc. When choosing a site, avoid trees, buildings or obstructions. Modules should be mounted to maximize direct exposure to sunlight and to eliminate or minimize shadowing. Even partial shadowing can substantially reduce module and system output.

By the way,when it comes to the solar panel orientation of installations,there is something to say. In the Northern Hemisphere, Solar Panel should face south, and in the Southern Hemisphere, Solar Panel should face north. That is common sense. If you decide to install solar panels,sincerely hope that this article will help you. Sunforson is a leading solar mounting product supplier. In order to provide fast installation and secure solar mountings, Sunforson has released a series of top level PV mounting systems to the market. More details at sunforson.

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