How to install strong solar mounting foundation in harsh environments 2019-01-18

Nowadays, with the popularity of solar energy, more and more national governments are very supportive of the development of the photovoltaic system industry.

Among them, many countries with relatively harsh natural environments are also included. For example, some island countries have strong typhoons all year round;Some countries where the snow is particularly thick and there are also some countries with earthquake-prone areas.

In this area where the installation of the ground support is relatively harsh in the natural environment, we need to lay the foundation. So, how to do?

Firstly, pouring concrete foundation with full base. Like below project photo:

solar ground mount

Another way, install rebar stump under concrete foundation.

china flat roof solar mounting

Choose one of the two methods to achieve a very good effect on the solar ground mount foundation of the reinforced bracket. If still any questions about the specific installation way, welcome to contact Sunforson via, thank you.

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