SFS-PR-02 SunRack Pitched Tin Roof Railless Solar Mounting System 2018-12-08

SunRack SFS-PR-02 is the railless solar mounting system for Tin Roof. It can save materials and accessories to the maximum. Sunforson has the excellent engineer team and quality management system to provide the perfect service of solar mounting solution.

solar mounting system


Installation site: Tin roofs

Application: Framed solar panel for any size

Structural materials: aluminum, stainless steel

Survival wind speed: up to 60m / s

Design snow pressure: up to 1.4KN / m2

Inclination: 0 degree (the same angle as roof)

Panel direction: vertical or landscape

Design Standards: CE&AS / NZS 1170

Life: Design Life for 25 years, quality assurance for10 years

Products Strengths of Sunforson technology

1. Easy Installation:  

The innovative Sunforson solar short rail have greatly simplified the installation of PV modules. The System can be installed with a single Hexagon Key and standard tool it. The solar roof system is aided by a very high level of preassembly. The module and unique rail extension method greatly reduce installation time.

2. Great Flexibility:

With the Sunforson Solar Roof, framed photovoltaic modules can be easily mounted on pitched roofs. The Solar Roof system has mounting accessories designed for application on almost every roof cladding available with unique rail .Excellent Compatibility. Designed as a universal racking system, framed modules from all the popular manufacturers can be used.

3. High Accuracy:

Without the need of onsite cutting, the use of our unique rail extending allows the system to be installed with millimeter accuracy.

4. Excellent Adaptability:

The height adjustment of the rails from Sunforson allows a level PV array to be established, no matter how uneven the roof is. Engineered to high standard Sunforson solar roof is made to the highest standard, safe and strong design to comply with AS/NZS 1170.

5. Maximum Lifespan:

All components are made of quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel. The high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximum possible lifespan and is also completely recyclable.

6. Guaranteed Durability: Maximum Lifespan:

Sunforson provides a guarantee of 10 years on the durability of all components used.

Overview of system components


SFS SunRack Rail 10(150mm)




Solar Aluminum Rail



End Clamp Group(35mm)


Al6005-T5 Anodize

Solar Panel Clamps



Mid-Clamp Group(40mm)


Al6005-T5 Anodize

 Solar Mid & End Clamp


Self-drilling Screw TS6.3* 80mm(SS410)

Ground Screw Mounting System

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