Sunrack ballasted flat roof mounting systems 2018-09-16

Commercial and industrial solar applications are often found on large flat rooftops, like on big-box stores or manufacturing plants. These roofs may still have a slight tilt but not nearly as much as sloped residential roofs. Solar Mounting Systems For Flat Roofs are commonly ballasted with few penetrations.

Since they’re positioned on a large, level surface, flat roof mounting systems can install relatively easily and benefit from pre-assembly. Most Ballasted Solar Mounting Systems for flat roofs use a “foot” as the base assembly—a basket- or tray-like piece of hardware with a tilted design that sits on top of the roof, holding ballast blocks at the bottom and panels along its top and bottom edges. Panels are tilted at the best angle to capture the most sunlight, usually between 5 and 15°. The amount of ballast needed is dependent on a roof’s load limit and the wind speed. When a roof can’t support a lot of extra weight, some penetrations may be needed. Panels attached to the mounting systems either through clamps or clips.

On large flat roofs, panels are best positioned facing south, but when that’s not possible, solar power can still be generated in east-west configurations. Many Flat Roof Solar Mounting System Manufacturers also have east-west or dual-tilt systems. East-west systems are installed just like south-facing ballasted roof mounts, except the systems are turned 90° and panels butt-up to one another, giving the system a dual-tilt. More modules fit on a roof since there is less spacing between rows.

Flat roof mounting systems come in a variety of makeups. While aluminum and stainless steel systems do still have a home on flat roofs, many plastic- and polymer-based systems are popular. Their light weight and moldable designs make installation quick and easy.

Ballasted Solar Mounting Systems

Solar Mounting Systems For Flat Roofs

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