Sunrack Flat Roof Solar Mounting System 2018-03-15
At present, the photovoltaic power generation system based on the roof of a building is more common. The safety issue is very important when the PV power station is designed and installed on the roof. Reasonable design selection can also bring about cost savings and benefits.

The following, for the roof PV power plant design and installation selection can bring the cost savings and benefits increase summary of several PV roof installation considerations.

First, determine the roof type and roof conditions.

Flat roof mounting bracket is U-shaped steel, thin-walled thin-walled profiles or aluminum profiles.for Sunrack we mostly choose Aluminum material for easy installation and beautiful appearance .

Our Sunrack flat roof mounting series are widely applied in residential ,commercial and utility solar system.With unique design and pre-assembly accessories ,Sunrack flat roof mountings will save a lot of space on transportation .

In summary, PV roofing precautions include roof type and conditions for construction, as well as different types of roof installation characteristics selection, to avoid the installation of hidden dangers, select the appropriate materials, reduce costs and expand revenue.

flat concrete roof mounting system

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    SunRack concrete base solar mounting is a highly versatile ground mounted solutions that can be widely applied in commercial and utility solar panel installation

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