Come again? India plans to impose anti-dumping duty on China's photovoltaic products! 2019-07-22

Recently, the General Administration of Trade and Relief of India (DGTR) announced preliminary investigation results of anti-dumping investigations on aluminum and galvanized flat rolled products imported from China, Vietnam and South Korea, indicating aluminum and galvanized flat rolling imported from China, Vietnam and South Korea. The material is dumped in India and causes damage to the domestic market. It is recommended that temporary anti-dumping duties be imposed on related products imported from China, Vietnam and South Korea before the investigation is completed.

Aluminum and galvanized flat rolled products are the main materials of photovoltaic modules. The panel frame pillars, support rods, tie rods, etc. can be made of aluminum alloy, and galvanized flat rolled materials are often used as photovoltaic supports. Aluminum profiles play an important role in photovoltaic modules:

1. Protect the edge of the glass;

2. Improve the overall mechanical strength of the component;

3, combined with silica gel edged to enhance the sealing of the components;

4. Facilitate the installation and transportation of components.

Earlier, India proposed a five-year anti-dumping duty on photovoltaic glass imported from Southeast Asian countries. Many Malaysian importers were not spared. However, India says it has enough PV glass capacity to meet the needs of its own PV manufacturers.

In April, India announced an anti-dumping duty on EVA sheets imported from China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand for five years to protect domestic companies from cheap imports. During the survey, India’s imports of plates from these countries increased from 4,674 tons in FY2016-17 to 6,367 tons.

It is reported that about 49 GW of solar energy projects in India are under construction, requiring up to about 1,500,000 tons of aluminum and galvanized flat products. India said that local aluminum and galvanized flat product manufacturers do not have sufficient capacity to meet demand, so the imposition of such tariffs will delay project commissioning.

These imported products have certain impact on Indian manufacturers, but the tariffs also cause damage to the Indian PV market at another level. When their products can't meet the demand, they can only rely on imports, and excessive imports will bring about the impact on the domestic industry. “How to adjust the market to control the market“, we need to carefully consider the measurement.

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