Developing space solar energy, China quietly walked in front of the world 2019-03-21

According to the report, the solar power plant plan that China is considering to build includes the construction of small and medium-sized stratospheric solar power plants from 2021 to 2025 and the power generation; after 2025, large-scale space solar power plant systems will be started. According to the recommendations of the relevant expert group, China is striving to complete the space ultra-high voltage power transmission and wireless energy transmission test verification in the next ten years, and realize the construction of the megawatt space solar power test station in 2030 and the construction of the Jiwa class before 2050. Medium and long-term goals for the capacity of commercial space solar power plants.

NASA's John Mankins said: "The clear interest expressed by China will greatly stimulate interest in this field. About 10 years ago, the Chinese began to seriously study this issue, and then about 5 years. Before, they started to attend international conferences. Now they are talking about this issue more openly."

He also said: "The Chinese are absolutely making progress. They are not expressing a gesture; this is a tangible plan made by some important institutions, and some respected scientists are involved. They have very good technical plans. They can do it by 2030.” Mankins refers to a small-scale solar power project with a capacity of 1 megawatt, rather than a commercial-scale project of the gigawatt scale required competing with the power company.

According to reports, space-based solar power plants will capture the intensity of solar energy that will never be captured on Earth, and then use the laser beam to transmit energy back to Earth to meet energy needs. China said in a recent statement on the project that a major advantage of space-based solar power is its ability to continuously provide a stronger energy supply than solar power plants on Earth.

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