Easy to carry portable photovoltaic bracket 2023-10-18

SFS-BX is suitable for RV, yacht, special vehicle, communication base station, it also can be used for roof, ground, wall and other outdoor small photovoltaic system installation.


1.The Angle size can be adjusted according to installation requirements.

2.Adopt screw combination with handle to install, easy to disassemble.

3.Simple structure light and easy to carry.

4.Plug and play portable bracket: Due to the presence of a base, it can directly carry the inverter on the photovoltaic panel for use. When the photovoltaic panel is folded down, the inverter will not come into contact with the ground.

5.The height of the base bracket of this bracket will be even or slightly higher than the surface of the battery panel, which can effectively protect the surface of the battery panel during folding and transportation.

6. After folding, the width of this bracket is only slightly wider than the battery board, and the overall appearance is also quite beautiful.

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