Galvanized Steel Solar Panel Mounting Bracket 2022-11-03

At present, the solar mounting structure used for installing solar panels in the solar pv market is generally divided into two kinds of materials, one is anodized aluminum alloy, the other is galvanized carbon steel. Anodizing and galvanizing refer to the surface treatment process. After surface treatment, the bracket has stronger corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Sunforson uses aluminum bracket mostly to design the solar mounting solution, but today we would like to specifically introduce the carbon steel bracket. Compared with aluminum alloy, the hardness of carbon steel is much higher. Under the same project conditions, the leg span in steel mounting solution will be larger than that in aluminum mounting solution, and the consumption is relatively less.

Considering the raw materials cost of steel is lower than it of aluminum, so the overall steel solar mounting will be more competitive than aluminum solar mounting. But the price is not the only reason to choose, steel structure also has its limitations. It is easier to corrosion than aluminum alloy, so it is not suitable for projects close to the sea; Mold opening hard, higher MOQ requirements; Due to weight, sea freight is not cheap. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be taken to select the most suitable solar mounting solution.

If you have projects in hand, welcome to contact Xiamen Sunforson Power Co., Ltd. through, professional design on solar panel support structure, reduce worries on solar system installation.

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