Hefei PV Poverty Alleviation Power Station has more than 6,400 2018-10-25

Before the end of September, Hefei has completed a total of 6,466 PV poverty alleviation projects, and transferred a subsidy of 16.125 million yuan. A large number of poor households benefited from photovoltaic new energy in time.

Farmers sell endless electricity to the power grid to make money

In order to implement the national photovoltaic precision poverty alleviation policy, Hefei City first created a photovoltaic precision poverty alleviation model, combining photovoltaic promotion and poverty alleviation. Since the project was launched in 2013, the continuous poverty alleviation power station has brought significant benefits to the poor residents. From 2017, the city will further explore and innovate and expand the construction project to the local area. The local government departments are not only responsible for the unified construction of poverty alleviation power stations in the province, but also can self-raise funds and implement themselves, and participate in the construction of poverty alleviation photovoltaic power stations. In this way, complementing the province's poverty alleviation projects, the project is more efficient, the coverage is wider, and the farmers' income is faster.

After the standard photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station project is completed and connected to the power grid.Farmers not only save electricity bills, but also use the endless electricity to sell to the national grid. At the same time, they enjoy subsidies from the state and Hefei City. The average annual income per household is more than 3,000 yuan, which brings a qualitative improvement to the lives of the people.

PV poverty alleviation power reached 64.30 million kWh

Hefei Power Supply Company has included photovoltaic projects in the planning and development of various regional power grids, and continued to strengthen the transformation of power grids in poor villages. In the past three years, the accumulated investment has exceeded 160 million yuan, and the power grid transformation has been carried out for 107 poor villages, involving more than 24,700 residents. . The clean electricity of the poverty alleviation power station is constantly on the Internet, helping the poor households to go to the golden avenue. At the same time, the green electricity produced by the photovoltaic project was produced and consumed on the spot, which played a positive role in the safe and stable operation during the peak period of the power grid, and comprehensively realized the coordinated development of clean energy, safe power grid and modern agriculture in rural areas.

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