Highlights on solar floating mounting system 2019-02-27

We have recently developped one new solar floating mounting system.

The photovoltaic power plants we are familiar with are centralized, distributed, tower, roof, agricultural greenhouses, etc., all of which are ground photovoltaic power plants. Looking at the recent wave of photovoltaic land use classifications, Xiao Bian expressed dazzling and wanted to be quiet. After all, the land resources on the earth are limited, and the degree of availability is limited. Let them go and grab it. Let's take a look at the development of the water photovoltaic power station. You must know the top ten highlights.

1. Saving land resources and having less impact on the aquatic environment. The water photovoltaic power generation project does not have the foundation of the support and the trenching of the cable trench. There is no construction of the road inside the site, which greatly reduces the ground excavation and is conducive to soil and water conservation.

2. High power generation efficiency. The water surface is relatively open, which can effectively avoid the shadow on the efficiency of photovoltaic modules, and the solar radiation area is uniform and the illumination time is long. The water has a cooling effect on the solar panel, which can suppress the temperature rise of the surface of the component. According to the calculation, if the temperature of the panel is lowered by 1 °C, the output power can be increased by 0.5%, and the groundwater is 10% higher than that of the same area. The amount of electricity generated can reduce power generation losses compared to ground and rooftop solar panels during high summer temperatures.

3. The coverage of the components can reduce the evaporation of water surface and save water resources.

4. The solar photovoltaic panel blocks part of the sunlight from hitting the water surface and reduces photosynthesis, which can inhibit the reproduction of algae.

5. Cost advantage. The surface floating photovoltaic power station has a holistic nature, which facilitates the installation and operation of the solar tracking system, and reduces the cost of the ground photovoltaic power station due to the need to install a two-axis tracking system for each panel. If the floating body frame is made of bamboo material with special waterproof treatment, it can also save cost and achieve high environmental protection benefits of high recycling.

6, the components are easy to clean. The materials selected for water photovoltaic power generation must meet the highest waterproof requirements. Compared with ground photovoltaics, the power generation efficiency of the components is less damaged during cleaning.

7. Avoid land restrictions. In some countries or regions with limited land resources and difficult land development, the development of water photovoltaic projects is a good choice, opening up a new path for the application of photovoltaic power generation.

8, tax-free water surface. The National Land Classification (Trial), which was implemented on January 1, 2002, stipulates that the national land is divided into three categories, namely, “agricultural land”, “construction land” and “unutilized land”. According to the "Provisional Regulations on the Farmland Occupation Tax of the People's Republic of China", the "agricultural land" and "construction land" are subject to taxation regulations, and no taxation on "unutilized land" is involved. The tax-free water surface is much smaller than the land cost of taxation (land cost accounts for about 3% of ground photovoltaic power plants)

9, can synchronize aquaculture. Reservoirs or fish ponds with aquaculture can also create a better incubation environment for fish and increase aquatic production.

10. Tourism benefits. It can be used as a unique scenic spot to become an embellishment of the water landscape, bringing viewing and tourism benefits.

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