How to install the flat roof mounts on the cement roof 2023-03-17

How to install the flat roof mounts on the cement roof?

Let us use the SFS-FR-03 as an example.

According to your fixed form, it can be divided into the following two types

The first ballast type;The second expansion screw type. We use ballast type as an example.

1. Unfolding the SunRack Triangular support

Unfold the load leg from the ground leg and let it rest on the short leg. Used the Allen key and M8*55 Bolt,M8 spring washer,M8 Nut, M8 Flat washer to fixate the load leg and short leg. And fixate all of the Triangle Mounts.

2. Fixation of triangular support

Installation steps of cement pier fixation:

1You can stand the triangle bracket on the installation plane first, and then place the angle plate to fix the angle plate and the triangle bracket, or you can fix two triangle brackets and two angle plate on the installation plane first.

psTwo M8 * 55 Bolts are required for one angle plate fixing.

(2)The installation of cement pier ballast triangle support is completed as shown in the figure below.

3. Installing the SunRack rail on the Triangle Mounts

(1). Bolt the L-Connectors on the Triangle Mount with M8*20Bolt &Spring washer &Nut.

(2). Install the sunRack Rail-8(3100mm)on the L-Connector.

4. Rail connector and Rail extension

When our rails reach a certain length, we need to use rail connectors to lengthen the rails.

When the center line of the rail connector is placed at the connection between the rail and the rail, screw the screw to make the screw against the rail to fix the connector and the rail.

5. Installation of accessories on rails and PV (suggest torque is 11N.m)

(1). Clamping installation of PV's two most sides

(2). Clamping installation in the middle of PV (except the most side is the middle)

(3). Earth lug installation

When installing the grounding gasket, you can choose to install it at either end of the most side end, but it is recommended that you install it at a position more convenient for wiring.

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