India will build the world's largest solar wind power hybrid station 2017-12-21

India's New Energy and Renewable authority plans to add another record-breaking project to its new energy development plan. That is, to build the world's largest solar wind energy Hybrid Power Station Project in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.

Installed capacity of this project reached 160 MW, of which solar capacity is 120 MW, and wind power installed capacity is 40 MW. The project will also include an energy storage device to ensure its continuous operating when there is no sun at night and the wind speed reduces.The total site area is more than 100 acres and the total investment is approximately 155 million U.S. dollars, so the World Bank will provide financing support.

This solar wind energy hybrid project was jointly developed by the Solar Energy Corporation of India and the Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Agency, NREDCAP and Andhra Pradesh Transnco.

Andhra Pradesh is facing major problems such as grid failures and unstable electricity supplies. Therefore, they are considering to use the energy storage to mitigate grid power management issues from the intermittent renewable energy projects.

The project will be developed and piloted as a pilot project to create a model that completely avoids grid failures. Similar hybrid projects have been piloted and tested in Jamaica and China, but this is the largest in the world today by scale.

The Andhra Pradesh government has pledged to have 10 GW of solar and 8 GW of wind capacity by 2022. Among them, solar and wind hybrid power generation projects accounted for 3GW.

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