Knowledge of daily maintenance of photovoltaic mounting equipment 2020-06-24

No matter how excellent the equipment is, if it does not insist on the corresponding cleaning work and maintenance measures, then long-term operation will only lead to a great discount on the equipment. Let's take a look at the basic maintenance knowledge that needs to be mastered in the daily operation of photovoltaic mounting equipment.

Knowledge of daily maintenance of photovoltaic mounting equipment:

First, before the relevant production and processing, the staff must effectively check and proofread the drawings to ensure that the components, raw materials, etc. meet the requirements of this production and processing.

Second, according to the operation of photovoltaic mounting equipment, formulate a perfect maintenance plan, pay attention to whether the on-site power indicators are consistent with the rated standards of the equipment, if such equipment is in overload operation for a long time, it is easy to make the equipment Performance is greatly reduced.

Third, regularly conduct effective inspections on such production and processing equipment. If the related parts are found to be loose or falling off, effective measures must be taken to eliminate such problems before production and processing can continue.

Fourth, in different seasons, carry out corresponding inspection and maintenance. For example, if the autumn and winter seasons are relatively dry, we must pay attention to the lubrication of the equipment more frequently to avoid the problem of improper operation of the equipment.

Doing daily maintenance work can not only ensure that the performance of this type of equipment meets the daily production and processing standards, but also effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

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