Little Knowledge About Photovoltaic System 2017-04-07

solar system

1, What is a complete set of home photovoltaic systems?

The complete set of equipment consists of solar modules, bracket system, inverter, electrical distribution system. It needs about 1 to 3 days to complete the installation and debugging of equipment, no need to make any changes to the original line of the family, you can normally use 25 years about.


2, what is the required condition for the installation of solar system?

As long as your house comes with a certain area without shelter, pitch roof, flat roof, open ground, or external wall, these are all suitable for installation. No need to destroy the roof and waterproof condition.


3, How much will spend on a complete set of home solar systems?

According to the installation of solar capacity, the current costof the basic type is about USD1,500.00 per kilowatt. The specific price will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the project.


4,How much sunshine can we use? Will it be the dominant energy source for the future?

Earth's surface to accept the solar radiation to meet 10,000 times of global energy needs. The average annual radiation per square meter of earth’s surface is between about 1000-2000kw/h. International Energy Agency data shows that the solar installation system in the global 4% of the desert, is sufficient to meet the global energy needs. Photovoltaic power generation has a broad development space (roof, building surface, open ground and desert, etc.), the potential is enormous.

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