Maintenance of solar powered support 2019-11-26

Maintenance of solar panel support

According to statistics: in a large-scale solar power station project, the construction cost accounts for about 21% of the total investment of photovoltaic project, while the investment of photovoltaic solar panel power generation bracket only accounts for about 3% of the total cost. Therefore, compared with the high investment of solar power station, the fluctuation of PV module support cost is not a sensitive factor. However, if the selected power generation support is not appropriate, the later maintenance cost will be greatly increased. In view of the maintenance problem of component support, it needs to be classified according to the material, and different materials determine the treatment method in the later maintenance process.

According to the material classification, it can be divided into aluminum alloy bracket, steel bracket and non-metal bracket, but non-metal bracket is less used, the first two types are common.

1. Aluminum alloy support: good corrosion resistance, no need for maintenance in later use, high mechanical strength; the disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive, and it is mostly used for the top of industrial plants or home roofs with distributed load-bearing requirements.

Key points of maintenance: special attention shall be paid to delivery and installation. For example, aluminum alloy is not completely aluminum alloy, and other materials may be mixed, so stability and corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced, and potential safety hazards will easily occur, resulting in collapse of bracket.

2. Carbon steel support: most of them are hot-dip galvanized, with general mechanical strength and poor anti-corrosion performance. The maintenance amount in later use is not small. The advantage is that the price is appropriate and suitable for large-area installation.

Key points of maintenance: carefully check the bolt connection and welding between I-beam and I-beam, there will be insufficient connection, loose bolts and cracks in the welding between I-beam, and the above problems will cause component collapse.

After the installation, patrol inspection shall be carried out once a month. The main content of patrol inspection is to see if there is any sign of disconnection at the bracket and the welding point between the bracket and the bracket, if there is any possibility of fracture, if there is any looseness or deformation at the connection position between the bracket and the bracket, if there is any possibility of fracture, if there is any looseness or deformation of the support block on the component, if the base of the bracket is firm and reliable, if there is any damage

In case of deformation and corrosion, support deformation will cause component tilt, overall support deformation and component crack. If the whole group of ground support is not treated in time, it will collapse, causing large area component damage and power generation loss.

The key point of maintenance is to replace the deformed bracket, because even if the deformed bracket is adjusted, the mechanical strength can not meet the requirements.

After a long period of wind, sun, sand, salt and alkali, etc., the support is particularly prone to corrosion in areas prone to corrosion. In addition, the fall off of zinc coating causes corrosion of internal steel components, * the place prone to corrosion is the welding place where the corrosion protection is not in place. For the corroded bracket, the usual measure is to polish the corroded place and then brush the anticorrosive paint.

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