Solar floating structure advantages and disadvantages 2019-09-17
Our Sunforson floating rack in the market has been gradually expanded. Let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of floating brackets:

Advantages and disadvantages of floating water PV:

Firstly,the main advantages:

1 Savings: Establishing water surface occupation and reducing resources
2 Increase power generation: water body photovoltaic module cooling effect suppression component surface temperature rise higher power generation according to the Hyogo prefecture type water photovoltaic power plant experimental analysis due to water surface cooling efficiency panel power generation increased by about 14%
3 Reduce the evaporation of algae: solar panels cover the water surface theory to reduce the evaporation of water surface to inhibit the proliferation of algae to benefit water resources
4 Operation and maintenance: PV power station establishes water to reduce dust component pollution, and component cleaning is difficult to get close to the component and prevent component and component destruction.
5 Tourism Benefits: The vast water surface is neatly arranged with PV modules as a special attraction.
6 Avoid component shading: It is more effective than land surface to avoid components such as mountains and trees blocking the solar radiation area and the light room
7 Reducing the tracking system: The angle and spacing of the components lead to the installation and operation of the solar tracking system. Each panel is required to install a dual-axis tracking system to reduce the tracking system.
8 Saving cost: need component base bracket to save the basic bracket cost saving

9 Dissipation: Built in the near waters of the villages and cities, reducing the difficulty of connecting the grid, limiting electricity and other factors to improve efficiency.

Secondly. Save some disadvantages:
1 Floating equipment requires high: Floating water photovoltaic requires floating equipment to support photovoltaic panel floating body frame anti-corrosion performance, low density, anti-freeze, wind, wave, life, load capacity, etc.
2 High site selection requirements: Floating water photovoltaic electric field sites should have a wide selection of areas, stable runoff, low wind speed, light conditions, water level changes, conditions of development, scale shipping, non-sensitive areas and other waters.

3 Determinants: the effects of wind, water level, icing, etc. are more important than the monitoring of the quality of PV modules, water fish, plants, etc.

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