The Debut of "Solar Photovoltaic Energy Station" in Shanghai Yangpu 2016-09-02

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The picture shows an electric vehicles charging at "solar photovoltaic energy station", it needs 3.5 hours to get a full charge, which is similar to normal charging pile.

The  "solar photovoltaic energy station"  for electric vehicle charging,  recently appears in jiangwan wujiaochang traffic demonstration areait is the debutance of this kind in Shanghai. This power station covers about 400 square meters ,  photovoltaic panels are set on the ceiling to absorb solar energy and turn into electrical energy,  storage by battery then to charge electric cars. The daily power reaching 40 degrees in average ,  it means enough for 10 cars charging at the same time.

It said that Yangpu district will set more pilot application in the new public parking lot, peak parking projects to expand the "solar photovoltaic energy station".

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