The significance of PV support standardization and customization 2019-11-29

At present, photovoltaic industry develops rapidly. In order to develop business with distributors, we can customize the most commonly used structure and package for distributors. Pack the parts of the same set in the same box, so that dealers can directly sell them in sets. And another advantage of this is that when facing customers, dealers can sell in the form of spot goods, which greatly shortens the project time and increases the market competitiveness. When others still need to wait for processing and transportation, you have already set up in the warehouse and sold directly in the local market.

The construction of photovoltaic system, very long processing and transportation time is a problem of projects around the world. For most ordinary photovoltaic projects, we can really have the most commonly used structure customized in advance, and then carry out a large-scale promotion. It is believed that the combination of customization and standardization will greatly promote the development of photovoltaic projects in various regions.

Of course, structural stability and high cost performance are also important factors for solar mounting system construction. Our technicians have been working on improving the internal structure of each part to minimize the cost while maintaining the structural strength.

In the case of customized solar energy system, we also have our own principles. We must understand the maximum local wind speed of the customer, and meeting the wind speed requirements is the minimum principle of our solar support. We can also meet the seismic requirements. It's our mission to make your bracket work for at least 25 years.

When there is any problem with your solar bracket, for example, our customer's shed is hit by a truck, we will actively provide after-sales service for you. We will provide you with various solutions according to your problems. Even if it's just a part, we'll deliver it to you right away. I hope you choose sunforson to look for a better future for photovoltaic system.

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