Why should photovoltaic power stations be installed in rural China? 2020-09-28

The installation of photovoltaic power generation in rural areas has unique advantages. It is the unshirkable responsibility of the village party secretary to let the whole village use photovoltaic power generation!

The photovoltaic panels under the sun and the blue sky complement each other, one piece by piece reflects the clean and tidy streets, and brings out the harmony of the whole village. Every household uses clean energy.” This may be a new scene in the future rural areas, and photovoltaic power generation systems meet the construction of new rural areas. With new sparks, the photovoltaic power generation of thousands of households has become a beautiful landscape in the new countryside.

What are the advantages of developing photovoltaics in rural areas?

1. Gradually improve the understanding of photovoltaic power generation

Whether living in cities or rural areas, people's concept of environmental protection is constantly improving. Photovoltaic power generation is a clean energy that converts light energy into electrical energy, and will not cause unnecessary pollution to the environment, so it is favored by many parties. Rural residents have gradually accepted photovoltaic power generation, a new form of power generation.

2. The rural areas are mostly single houses, and the roof ownership is firmly in hand

Rural areas are vast, with low population density and low electricity consumption. Most of them are single buildings and double floors. The property rights of the roof are clear, which provides innate convenience for photovoltaic power generation in rural areas. It has obvious advantages for the development of home roof distributed photovoltaic. Taking residents as an example, according to the power of 5KW per household, the use of photovoltaic power generation requires about 25 square meters of photovoltaic modules, occupying about 50 square meters of roof area, which is enough for most residents' houses.

3. Bring stable income to farmers

Photovoltaic power generation provides rural folks with a stable source of income. The villagers do not have their own fixed income, they are all hard-earned money from farming. Sometimes the income is good, sometimes the income is poor, which is very unstable. In recent years, the improvement of national policies has allowed the people to have their own pension funds, and photovoltaic power generation has undoubtedly brought a fixed income to the people and has become a unique way of pension.

4. Strong support from the state and local governments

The strong support of the state is the driving force for the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation in rural areas. Photovoltaic power generation is a clean energy utilization method strongly supported by the state and is included in the 13th Five-Year Plan, and photovoltaic-related projects are also one of the top 100 key projects in the 13th Five-Year Plan. The country provides a subsidy of 0.08 yuan for distributed photovoltaic power generation, which means that for every kilowatt-hour of photovoltaic power generation, users can get a subsidy of 0.08 yuan from the state. This subsidy lasts for 20 years. In addition, many regions also have provincial subsidies and municipal subsidies. Level subsidies will greatly shorten the investment cycle.

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