30+ photovoltaic power stations enter government buildings 2024-07-10
30+ photovoltaic power stations enter government buildings

On July 1, the distributed photovoltaic power generation in Lianyungang City Administrative Center was officially connected to the grid. According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 government buildings are currently equipped with photovoltaic power stations!

As early as 2014, an 84-kilowatt photovoltaic power station was installed on the roof of the Great Hall of the People. This power station is also a national Golden Sun demonstration project, and the electricity is mainly self-generated and self-used.

In recent years, with the implementation of the dual carbon goals, distributed photovoltaics have gradually become one of the important ways to achieve energy transformation with its advantages of flexible installation, local power generation, reduced transmission losses, and promotion of energy self-sufficiency. As a window of public services, the government building is the first to adopt a distributed photovoltaic system, which is not only a shaping of its own green image, but also a demonstration and guidance for the public.

Below is a brief inventory of 30 government buildings with photovoltaic power stations installed
Yuetang District Government Building, Yanfeng District Government Building, Suzhou City Administrative Center Office Building, Shaanxi Dingbian County Government Building,
Hebei Provincial CPPCC Building, Wenzhou Administrative Center Office Building, Hangzhou Citizen Center, Xiaoshan District Government Compound, Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee Government Building, Zhuzhou Tianyuan Government Building, State Power Investment Corporation Headquarters Building, Qinghai Hainan Prefecture New Energy Regional Management Center, Xiajiang County Government Building, Zhangdian Government Office Building, Zibo Zhangdian Government Building, Baisha County Government Office Building, Anhui Lujiang County Government Building, Show Lianhu District Government Building, Beijing Fangshan District Chengguan Receiving Office, Anhui Provincial Government Building, Kaifeng Development and Reform Commission Office Building, Shanghai Songjiang District Government Building, Hubei Jiayu County Government Building, Changsha National High-tech Development Zone Building, Huzhou Nanxun District Government Building, Zhejiang Tongxiang Municipal Government Administrative Complex Building, Hainan Changjiang Li Autonomous County Government Building, Jiangxi Xinyu City Office Building, Zhejiang Yuhang District Government Building, Xuancheng Golden Sunshine Building
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