By 2026, the global solar panel bracket market is expected to exceed 16 billion U.S. dollars 2021-03-10

According to the latest research of the market research company Global Market Insights, by 2026, the solar mounting system market will grow from the current over US$9.9 billion to over US$16 billion.


According to the report, due to the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy and the increasing degree of urbanization, it is expected that the solar panel mounting system market will gain tremendous growth momentum.


PV panel mounting systems are used to install solar modules on the ground, facade walls, buildings, roofs and other buildings. The materials used in these systems usually depend on the climate. For example, when setting up factories in coastal areas, all structural components should be made of galvanized steel or aluminum because of its high corrosion resistance.


From a regional perspective, favorable regulatory programs and renewable energy targets that can be supported by all European countries will promote industrial growth throughout Europe. It is expected that in the next few years, the European solar market will grow at an alarming rate, making solar power generation capacity the basis of the region’s clean energy transition.



Solar PV technology is one of the most widely used clean energy power generation technologies in the world, and this technology is gradually becoming an important part of the European energy structure. In fact, in 2018, pv  power generation reached about 127 TWh, accounting for 3.9% of the EU's total power generation.


Looking ahead, the region is likely to continue to grow, which is mainly due to self-consumption and the increase in rooftop pv mounting installations in the region, which will trigger faster economic growth and more employment opportunities, enabling the industry to build a huge growth momentum. Therefore, these factors will drive the demand for solarmount installation systems throughout Europe.


In addition, the implementation of incentives and other regulatory measures is driving the promotion of distributed pv power generation systems across Africa, thereby stimulating the growth in demand for solar racks. In the Middle East, the abundant solar energy resources and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels are promoting the growth of the solar mounting market in the region. It is expected that during the forecast period, the solar pv mounting system market in this region will also continue to grow as a result

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