Classification and Installation Method of Solar Mounting Bracket 2020-10-21

Solar mounting bracket is a special support designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels for solar power generation systems. As an important part of solar power station, pv mounting  rack supports the main body of photovoltaic power generation. Choosing the rights solar panel support can not only ensure the safe operation of pv modules, reducing the damage rate, but also reducing the project costs and   the maintenance cost in the later period.

1. Classification of solar panel brackets

The materials used in solar mounting systems are not the same, mainly aluminum alloy, hot galvanizing steel and ABS. Among them, the use of ABS is less. The classification diagram of solar mounting brackets is as follows:

a. Fixed angle solar mounting bracket

Fixed solar mounting system refers to a bracket system whose orientation and angle remain unchanged after installation. The fixed installation method directly places the solar  modules towards low latitude areas (at a certain angle to the ground), and forms a solar  array in series and parallel to achieve the purpose of solar power generation. There are many ways to fix it. For example, there are pile foundation method (direct embedding method), concrete block counterweight method, pre-embedding method, ground anchor method, etc., and the roof fixing method has different schemes depending on the roof material.

b. Tracking solar systems

When the sun's rays are perpendicular to the battery panel, the solar energy received by the solar energy is the largest, and the power generation is also the highest. However, the earth revolves and rotates all the time, so the angle of the sun's rays changes all the time. Therefore, the tracking system tries to aim at the sun as much as possible, so that the solar rays can receive more solar rays per unit area of the battery panel, thereby increasing the power generation. Currently, tracking systems include two categories: single-cycle tracking systems and dual-axis tracking systems. Single-axis tracking systems are further divided into horizontal single-axis tracking systems and oblique single-axis tracking systems.

2. Installation of solar mounting bracket

The installation of the bracket should be based on the design drawings, firstly positioning and laying out the color steel roof is mainly the positioning of the fixtures, and then the installation of the guide rails, pay attention to the spacing of the fixtures, the spacing of the same row of component guides and the spacing of two adjacent rows of component guides. The guide rails should be installed in the order of the middle section, the two ends, and the guide rail connectors. After the guide rails are installed, check the levelness of each guide rail. The curvature of the guide rails in each span shall not be greater than 1mm.

After the installation of a set of brackets is completed, the precise check of the position of the brackets is carried out. Pay attention to the distance between the front and rear rows and the distance from the wall required in the design. Take protective measures during hoisting and handling to avoid personal injury and damage to original buildings. In addition, do not fasten the bolts in place at one time when installing the support columns, beams and guide rails. All the bolts should be tightened after the support is leveled and straight.

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