A new model of photovoltaic agriculture: a complementary model of agriculture and photovoltaics 2020-11-13

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in conjunction with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Commerce, and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Returning Business Parks to Improve Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation." The "Opinions" propose that by 2025, 1,500 return-to-home business parks with complete functions, excellent services, wide coverage, strong carrying capacity, and high incubation rate will be built in counties across the country to attract 3 million returnees to start businesses and innovate. Promote 20 million migrant workers to find jobs nearby.

Agro-photonics complementation achieves clean energy power generation through the construction of roof photovoltaic projects, which will eventually be integrated into the national grid. At the same time, photovoltaic technology and modern physical agriculture are organically combined under the shed to develop modern and efficient agriculture. It has both pollution-free and zero-emission power generation capacity, and no The additional land occupation can realize the three-dimensional value-added utilization of the land and realize a win-win situation for photovoltaic development and agricultural production. Its business model: photovoltaic power generation outside the shed, vegetables grown in the shed, the power generated is used in the shed, and the balance is merged into the public grid, enjoying national new energy power generation policy subsidies.

According to a report by the Voice of Economics "Tianxia Finance", Du Xiangge, director of the Organic Agriculture Technology Research Center of China Agricultural University, said that in 10 years, the scale of China's organic agriculture will reach 100 million mu, leading the development pattern of organic agriculture in the world. Organic agriculture has never been recognized, and has gradually become the focus of consumption and consumption trend. In the next 10 years, organic agriculture may lead China's agriculture.

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