• Happy Women's Day
    Happy Women's Day 2019-03-13
    On March 8, the international women's day. Sunforson girls all received a rose wish best wishes, and have half-day holiday to celebrate their day!  Good lunch of course~. Have you ever hear that women is a treasure of the world? Anyway, Sunforson wish all ladies happy all their life. 
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  • Highlights on solar floating mounting system
    Highlights on solar floating mounting system 2019-02-27
    We have recently developped one new solar floating mounting system. The photovoltaic power plants we are familiar with are centralized, distributed, tower, roof, agricultural greenhouses, etc., all of which are ground photovoltaic power plants. Looking at the recent wave of photovoltaic land use classifications, Xiao Bian expressed dazzling and wanted to be quiet. After all, the land resources on ...
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  • Our team  came back from Spring Festival Holiday
    Our team came back from Spring Festival Holiday 2019-02-12
    Dear Friends , Our team is back from Spring Festival vacation today ,we will continue providing our award-winning customer service and assisting with your solar mounting structure enquiries ! For  solar mounting information, please send email to info@sunforson.com. Our professional engineer will give you a customized solution.
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  • Chinese traditional New Year
    Chinese traditional New Year 2019-01-22
    Dear all friends: The annual Spring Festival is coming soon. This year is the Year of the Pig in the Zodiac. Although the Spring Festival is scheduled for the first day of the first lunar month, the activities of the Spring Festival are not limited to the first day of the first month. From the end of the year twenty-three (or twenty-four)lunar month, people began to "busy years": sacrifice stoves,...
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  • New Arrival Thin Film Solar Panel Cable clip
    New Arrival Thin Film Solar Panel Cable clip 2019-01-09
    Xiamen Sunforson Power Co., Ltd. has already listed several 2-wire and 4-wire photovoltaic systems cables clips for fixing cables . They are usually fixed on 1-3mm thickness aluminum rail or the edge frame of solar panel. At present, in order to meet the needs of the vast market, Sunforson develops a new cable clip that fixed on the double glass solar panels, whi...
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  • To All of Our Dear Friends
    To All of Our Dear Friends 2018-12-24
    My dear Friend: Thank you so much for trusting and supporting us in 2018. Looking back on the year, we develop two new products anti-skid plate and iron fence for solar station. Also our uniqe design solar tracking serious are under development. We eatablished a new brance office in Vet Nam. And our Sunforson family becomes biger and biger. All of these above should be attributed to the help from ...
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  • Sunrack Stainless Steel 90° Solar Clip for 2 Wires
    Sunrack Stainless Steel 90° Solar Clip for 2 Wires 2018-12-11
    Sunrack solar cable clip is widely used in solar wire management, to help prevent damage of the cable insulation. It is made with top quality stainless steel SUS304 material, which makes for a durable, long lasting and reliable solution in all environments. The solar wire mounting clips are very easy to install without any tools needed and fits onto a wide range of module frames. Suitable range fo...
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  • Yemen customers  visit our factory
    Yemen customers visit our factory 2018-11-29
    Riyad is come from Yemen. He saw our company's introduction from Google and think our product design meet the needs of the Middle East market. He specially come to Xiamen Sunforson to visit our factory.After visiting factory,he is very satisfied with our factory's product quality control and more than 10 years experience professional sales team.After returned to Yemen, he rented a warehouse to res...
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  • carport mounting structure

    Solar Car Park Mounting System

    SunRack solar car parking solar rack mount can be designed as single row and double row two version. It adopts triangle supporting structure technology, which is very strong and secure.

  • Solar Panel Installation Mounting

    Solar Ballast Mounting System

    SunRack ballast mounting system adopts foldable triangular to save cost both on installation and transportation. Non-penetration to rooftop.

  • Concrete base solar ground mounted

    SunRack Concrete Based Ground Mounting

    SunRack concrete base solar mounting is a highly versatile ground mounted solutions that can be widely applied in commercial and utility solar panel installation

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