How long will photovoltaic last in 2023? 2023-03-07

When clean energy consumption accounts for more than 80% of future energy consumption, solar energy, wind energy, water energy, nuclear energy, hydrogen energy and biomass energy will play an important role. But which energy source will be the backbone?


The answer is undoubtedly solar energy. Solar energy is everywhere and has huge total amount. People can obtain this zero-emission and zero-pollution sustainable clean energy at extremely low cost.


Since solar energy is everywhere, gathering scattered energy is one of the main sources of human energy in the future. Solar photovoltaic power generation is the most promising energy technology.


First, the technical principle is the most advanced. The principle of solar photovoltaic power generation is simpler and faster than other energy sources.


Second, the total amount is huge. It is estimated that the daily solar energy received by the earth's surface is equivalent to the energy produced by 100 million barrels of oil. Even if the sun shines on the earth for only one hour, the accumulated energy is enough for human consumption for a year.


Third, the distribution is wide. The term "sunshine" describes the properties of solar energy with particular precision. Compared with other energy sources, solar energy is the most accessible and equitable energy source.


Fourth, silicon, the most important raw material for photovoltaic power generation, is also very abundant. High-grade silica-containing ores have been found almost all over the country.


Fifth, the application scenarios are very extensive. Not only can centralized power stations be built, but distributed small power stations can also be built to generate electricity by installing rooftop solar mounting system.


These characteristics determine that solar photovoltaic power generation has great development potential. It is the well-deserved No. 1 of clean energy.

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