How to reduce the risk of photovoltaic power station encountering strong wind? 2023-03-02

Recently, many photovoltaic power plants have been hit by strong winds. Earlier on February 1, a distributed photovoltaic power station in Muyang County, Suqian, Jiangsu was knocked down by a strong wind, and the overall photovoltaic power station components, brackets and other systems were severely damaged. According to the understanding of photovoltaics, before and after the Spring Festival this year, there have been many accidents in which photovoltaic power plants were blown over by strong winds. In addition to the above-mentioned areas, accidents in which photovoltaic power plants were blown over occurred in Yuncheng, Shanxi, Jincheng, and Yantai, Shandong.

It is worth noting that if an accident occurs in the photovoltaic power station, not only will the electricity fee and subsidy income not be obtained, but unnecessary property losses may be caused, which is not worth the candle.

In fact, there is no problem for a generally qualified photovoltaic power station to withstand strong winds of magnitude 8 to 10. Then why are some photovoltaic power plants blown away or damaged by strong winds? Mostly because the quality of the power station is not up to standard, the initial installation is random, and it is prone to overturning in strong winds. In order to prevent photovoltaic power plants from being damaged by strong winds or extreme weather, and to reduce power plant losses, what aspects should we pay attention to?

The first is the selection of equipment. Qualified photovoltaic modules need to go through strict quality control tests before they go on the market to strictly control the quality. Therefore, in terms of equipment selection, the editor recommends choosing reliable first-tier and second-tier photovoltaic companies. In order to establish their own brand image, these enterprises not only pursue efficiency, but also pay more attention to the quality of the power station. The selected components, inverters, brackets and other products are strictly in line with the national production standards, and they will make corresponding adjustments according to the actual survey situation. Choose the most suitable solution and installation method for different situations.

In fact, in order to resist the invasion of natural disasters, it is necessary to control the four links of site selection, design, installation, and later operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants. The planning of site selection is very important. First of all, it is necessary to refer to the local climate characteristics, select a suitable site, and comprehensively consider the installation elements. No problem, lay the groundwork for this.
In addition, if the design of the photovoltaic power station is not scientific and reasonable enough, it may also cause damage to the power station. Therefore, in the design of the power station scheme, choosing a reliable designer, fully considering the strength of the photovoltaic support and components, and building a suitable windshield can effectively reduce the damage to the photovoltaic power station caused by strong winds. At the same time, with the emergence of new materials, the danger of these materials being blown away by the wind must also be considered in the design.

When installing, it is best to install fixed pull wires and apply anti-rust paint to extend the ability of the bracket to withstand storms. Also choose a reliable installer, strictly control the construction quality, lay a good foundation, and strictly control components and brackets , Inverter and other products, reasonable calculation of wind pressure, snow pressure, etc., to prevent cutting corners.

Most importantly, try to purchase photovoltaic insurance for photovoltaic power plants. In this way, once the photovoltaic power station is damaged, the accidental loss caused by natural disasters or man-made theft of the household photovoltaic system can be compensated to a certain extent, and the investment risk of photovoltaic projects can be reduced.

Finally, during the use of photovoltaics, it is also necessary to regularly check the safety of the photovoltaic power station, check the strength of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic supports, and the structure of the inverter room at any time, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards and prevent erroneous events.

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