Important factors in the design of solar mounting system 2020-07-09

When we design solar mounting system, it's not just think about wind speed and snow pressure. Earthquakes are also very important considerations. When your area is in an seismically active area, or there have been earthquakes in history, you must inform us when designing. We will strengthen the seismic effect of the support to achieve the best stability.

When designing the solar mounting structure, many customers report the wind speed very low in order to save cost. In fact, this is very unfavorable for the long-term use of the stent. Because the changeable and sudden climate is unpredictable, we should consider the quality problem while saving the cost. Therefore, when we design, we will strictly abide by the minimum wind pressure code, and will put the quality of the solar support in the first place.

When many customers compare prices with other suppliers, they often only look at the price, but ignore the quality of products. Our research and development of each product will not sacrifice the material used to save costs. Maybe the appearance looks similar, but the wall thickness of our products is better than that of many similar products.

The following is the photo feedback of our customers' Solar Car Park Mounting System project in Chile:

In the solar carport project in Chile, we found that because Chile is a high earthquake prone area, it is not only necessary to consider the strength of the support itself in the design. Attention should also be paid to the total length of the solar carport bracket, with a total length of no more than 30 meters. Although there are many supporting legs in the carport, it is not conducive to the overall stability and strength of the bracket.

After continuous improvement, our solar carport bracket has more competitive advantages in price. Moreover, the aluminum alloy solar bracket is obviously better than the carbon steel bracket in the appearance, which increases the decoration on the basis of green energy. We have also made great achievements in waterproof performance recently. If you have more ideas or need solar roof,ground and carport support, please contact us!

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