Present situation and development of solar powered support equipment 2020-04-20

The solar support equipment is used to support the solar photovoltaic equipment, so it needs a strong load-bearing ability and stability, but it is difficult to do it by the support itself. The solar mounting system also needs to use some auxiliary parts, and the pressing block is one of them. The key of the solar support equipment is the pressing block of the support, so as to make the commodity carry forward very well. Different from other equipment products, the materials of solar powered bracket equipment should be able to effectively prevent equipment from corrosion. The characteristics of these materials are as follows:

1. For the concrete materials solar ground mount used in the manufacture of solar powered support equipment, they are mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic equipment. The characteristics of such materials are mostly self significant, and they can only be placed in the field and also need to be installed in areas with good foundation conditions. The materials of solar powered support equipment not only have high stability, but also can support large-scale battery panels.

2. For the steel material in the manufacture of solar powered support equipment, it has been widely used in industrial solar energy and solar power plants. The solar powered support equipment has good stability, mature manufacturing process, high bearing capacity and easy installation; secondly, the material is often uniform in specification and very stable in performance, especially in appearance and corrosion resistance.

3. For the aluminum alloy material in the manufacture of solar powered support equipment, it is commonly used in the solar energy of the roof of civil buildings. The material has good corrosion resistance, light quality and better aesthetics.

There are many different types of solar powered support equipment, and then there are also differences in the selection of pressing blocks. There are mainly two kinds of commodities: the side pressing block and the medium pressure block. The side pressing block is mainly used to fix the main parts and the guide rails of the photovoltaic bracket, so that the two parts are integrated to ensure its stability.

The solar support equipment ensures the connection between them, and can also be connected with the guide rail indirectly, so that the whole between them can be connected into a stable whole, so that the firmness of the goods can be imagined, and if the solar support equipment is put on it, it will have no impact at all.

The brand of solar powered support equipment has realized this and has increased the technical content of products one after another. The selling point of solar powered support equipment products is to be different. How to stand out from many brands is to create a unique solar powered support equipment product with the help of technological innovation, so as to keep the manufacturer standing.

In order to win in the industry with fierce market competition, it is necessary to do market research on solar powered support equipment, understand market demand, and further develop innovation awareness.

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